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I notice that I crave carbs and sugar more when the Candida is fighting for it’s life.

Question #1: Is this a die-off symptom? Does this mean the S Boulardii is working, and I should stick with it?

I started S.Boulardii 3 weeks ago, the first side affect I had was dry itchy skin on my torso, it was bad and in direct connection with starting the S.boulardii. You seems to have the same sort of rash, I wish I could know if more people get rashes when starting S.Boulardii.

Question #2: Did you find it hard to lose weight until the candida was cured? if so, why does this happen?

Yes, I started the diet last May, and didn’t loose any weight until December (no change in diet) and when the weight started coming off it was rapid, I lost 50#’s in two months and I’m still losing more now.

Here’s a good quote from Able about Candida and weight loss

There are several reasons why a person who suffers from a Candida overgrowth gains weight easier and finds it more difficult to lose the weight. The same reasons, in reverse, answers the question of why a person on a protocol and a diet which is progressively curing the infestation begins to lose weight.

1) The Candida fungus causes fluid retention and makes it more difficult to lose the water weight throughout the infestation.

2) Before it’s treated as well as during the treatment, a fungal yeast overgrowth such as Candida will almost always cause a thyroid imbalance. This is because it’s capable of blocking the hormone receptors, therefore decreasing hormone effects. Hormones control metabolism, and in this case, the thyroid almost always reacts with hypothyroid. Even with mild cases of a Candida overgrowth, hypothyroid is usually present to some degree whether it’s noticed or not. Sometimes the hypothyroid symptoms are mistaken as simply the Candida symptoms since the symptoms of Hypothyroidism mimic those of a Candida overgrowth.
Once the infestation is cured, or nearly cured, the thyroid begins to return to normal. I had my levels checked during the worst of my infestation and then again afterwards, so I know this to be true. Of course, if the thyroid is severely damaged, then other steps may have to be taken even after a cure of the infestation.

3) More than normal levels of toxins in the body make weight loss more difficult, and everyone knows to what extent a Candida overgrowth affects the level of toxins in the body.

4) And the reason which I believe is the most significant along with hormones is that a Candida albicans overgrowth in the body triggers a response in the immune system which puts stress on the adrenal glands. When the adrenals are under stress, this causes a rise in cortisol levels which in turn signals your body to hold on to its fat reserve. To put it simply, stress of the adrenals will normally equal weight gain and/or the inability to lose weight.

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism
• Fatigue
• Weakness
• Weight gain or increased difficulty losing weight
• Coarse, dry hair
• Dry, rough pale skin
• Hair loss
• Cold intolerance (you can’t tolerate cold temperatures like those around you)
• Muscle cramps and frequent muscle aches
• Constipation
• Depression
• Irritability
• Memory loss
• Abnormal menstrual cycles
• Decreased libido


It’s from this thread:

Don’t be so hard on yourself about the carbs. There are some schools of thought that too low carbs can also feed Candida, through Ketones. Just be sure to choose smart carbs like oat bran, buckwheat and coconut. It’s about striking a healthy balance.