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Hello, Gadget.

Your brain fog is coming from both the Candida and the die-off toxins released by the Candida as they perish because of the diet, which is of course what you want. And I know how horrible all of the die-off symptoms can be, but there is help. Look for a product called Molybdenum, this is a natural trace element already found in the human body. Try to find it in pill form, 250 mcg in each if you can. Start with one pill after breakfast and one after your last meal of the day. The next day you can raise the dose to one after each meal and continue with that dosage. Another useful product is called Candidate by Native Remedies, this helps with brain-fog, headaches, etc. You can take this three times a day or as needed since it works on a immediate basis, so you don’t need to keep it in your bloodstream, you can take it when begin to feel a die-off reaction approaching. But for the time being I would take it three times a day to get rid of the present brain fog.

As far as what you should and should not eat is concerned, you need to stop eating brown rice, quinoa, millet, almond butter since you’re still new on the diet. You can add them gradually at a later time during the diet. You can add organic buckwheat in place of those items, Amazon has this.
What you can eat a lot of is:
All the green fresh vegetables you can eat. If you can’t find lots of fresh ones, you can purchase frozen vegetables.

In addition, as often as possible you should eat avocados, organic eggs, baked rutabaga, turnips, green beans (and all other green vegetables), and bread that is made from coconut flour. The recipe for the bread is in the “Recipes” section of the forum. You can also find a lot of other recipes there that will help you increase the items on your diet as well. By the way, don’t eat the rutabaga the first few times you have it as it’s one of the strongest antifungals you’ll use and can create terrible die-off toxins. Also, you should be taking the Molybdenum and Candidate before you eat this.

Three days after you change your diet, purchase some organic coconut oil and take three teaspoons a day, one after each meal. You should raise that amount to four teaspoons after two days and continue with that dosage for at least 7 to 10 days. Be sure that you are taking the Molybdenum and Candidate at least three days “before” you start the coconut oil, otherwise it can make you very sick as well as making the brain fog worse because it’s a powerful antifungal that will kill thousands of Candida in your body, thus releasing more toxins.

A few questions if I may:
How long have you been on the particular diet you’re on?
How long have you suffered from Candida symptoms?
Are you taking any supplements at all at this time? If so, what are they?

After you’ve added the things I’ve named, post your update on the forum and we’ll talk about the next step. Meanwhile, if you have questions or have a concern about anything, please let us know.