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Kelly Ann
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That makes me feel good. Thanks. I know I can heal. I just know it may take a while, and I can’t wait to be free of this plague. I am so grateful to finally know what it is. Over the years, my doctors have never even suggested it was yeast though a chiropractor suspected it 7 years ago and sent me for extensive blood work. The blood work showed that indeed I had candida overgrowth, and he put me on a low carb diet. It made me feel a little better, but he didn’t explain the problem very well or discuss how to cure it. I’m not blaming him. It’s just that I didn’t understand it at the time or the negative effects of not treating it and forgot about it. Soon I gave up the low carb diet as well. The years of not treating it took their toll, and two years ago, I was desperate to find answers and began the process of going to doctors again. I have spent a fortune in medical bills and had so many horrible side effects from the many medications I was given for all my symptoms- migraines, hormones, asthma and allergies, joint and muscle aches, inflammation, sleep problems, acid reflux and ulcer, thrush/yeast infections, etc. etc. The next recommendation was to start the road to the urologist. I am not criticizing any one doctor, and I don’t have anything against going to the doctor. My brother is a doctor. It’s just it was a long, expensive, fruitless, disheartening journey. Finally, I began seeing a naturopath. My naturopath (actually I see two, and I like them both. One has been in business for years and years and will likely retire before too much longer. The other is young and hasn’t been in business for too many years, but he is also very good) found the candida right off and began the process of strengthening my organs and helping me get rid of parasites, so I would be ready to deal with the candida. But then I had a bad setback with the hospital experience I told you about. Now I am a bit stronger and ready to begin the healing process. I would like to get a good book to guide me as the naturopaths help me because I feel I will better understand the treatment and the condition in general. But I don’t want to go it alone for treatment. I’m scared I guess. I don’t want to end up back in the hospital. Anyway, thanks for listening and for all your help. I am feeling very hopeful. I just pray I can make the diet changes. I need to lose 20 pounds to get to my ideal weight. I know the change in eating habits will help me in a lot of ways, but right now, I crave sugar a lot, and I know it won’t be easy. But I am ready to begin. So ready. Thanks again for your encouragement and help!