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In your youtube video you mention that you are avoiding fruit. This part of the diet some candida practitioners suggest is BS. All fruits can be eaten. Fruits contain complex sugars which are broken down differently than straight processed sugars. The sugars are broken down slowly, and the body registers a very slight rise in glucose, only slightly higher than the registered glucose increase of regular foods, compared to the huge spikes seen from processed sugars. The McCombs plan includes fruits. The body needs sugars for many reasons, and should not be excluded lightly.

Some say that the body will absorb the fruit before candida does. Candida does not really specialize in breaking down complex sugars. It is more reactive to straight sugars. I recall reading of a case on curezone where an older man with long term candida, on a no-fruit plan, alarmingly lost his ability to digest food. It was all coming out of him undigested, with large amounts of fungal structures. His naturopath, an experienced candida practitioner, told him to go on an all fruit diet and he was able to digest again. The bacteria ate it before the candida did, and he was able to grow back the small remnants of his flora in a short amount of time, digest his food again, saving his life. I wish I could find that post again. There are arguments that a high fruit, low fat diet is a more proper Candida plan, which many promote on curezone.

I highly would recommend researching the matter before excluding fruit sugars.