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rambolincoln;55488 wrote: In your youtube video you mention that you are avoiding fruit. This part of the diet some candida practitioners suggest is BS. All fruits can be eaten. Fruits contain complex sugars which are broken down differently than straight processed sugars. The sugars are broken down slowly, and the body registers a very slight rise in glucose, only slightly higher than the registered glucose increase of regular foods, compared to the huge spikes seen from processed sugars. The McCombs plan includes fruits. The body needs sugars for many reasons, and should not be excluded lightly.

The fact that your body need sugar is true. But there are a lot of sugars vegetables and also alternatives like coconut flour, buckwheat and oat bran. Your body needs fats much more than sugar.
If you can eat fruits in the beginning of your diet depends on how severe your infestation is. I’d recommend to start the diet with fruits and see if you can progress. If you can include fruits in your diet, you will progress much faster since fruits are known to stabilize the blood sugar balance. I’d also recommend it during the detox period. If you feel that fruits hinder your treatment, you should cut them out.