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Jackie2 wrote: For the past week I have been trying to find a doctor that will just see me. Check my blood, look at my levels. Talk with me about this…do anything!!! No luck.

My family doctor referred me to go to an infectious disease doctor. I called to make an appointment they don’t treat people with ongoing thrush.

My ENT told me that this Candida on the internet is a cult.

My dentist (whom my doctor told me to go and see) is doing some research seeing what she can find out for me (Very kind of her as she has not dealt with this)

My mother insisted I call Mayo Clinic in Rochester Min. As they are “the best” at every thing.

I called the appointment desk Friday on my way home….The woman I spoke with could not find a doctor to see me.

Infectious Diseases- No
ENT – No
Dermatology – Not excited but might only if I come with a doctor referral

When I hung up with her she was going to keep calling around to see if she could get someone else to work with me and would call back.

At my son’s basketball game a parent on the team is an OBGYN and she and I started talking, she said that she was going to get me into a doctor at her hospital Infectious Disease I believe….but I truly don’t think this is the kind of doctor that I need.

Any suggestions? So sad. I keep saying over and over…it is just oral thrush…but I’m afraid it is so much bigger.

She also said if left untreated it can lead to blindness etc. I wonder if I will still have my sight before I can get someone to listen to me or help me.

IDK what I would do with out all of you wonderful folks.

Blessed to know you all and get your advice and support. It is funny when I start to talk to doctors/friends (few none would understand) They look at me sideways when I tell them I’m following a diet/friends on the internet….Do you all get that response?

Why you don’t make a call to Dr. Crandall ??
It will cost you only $30.00 /30 minutes. In that time, you will have time to consult with her all regarding to your case. She knows all the yeast experts Drs in US. She knows who is the right person you should see closest to your area. No only that, but she also works with your Dr and suggest the treatment. I have spoken with her by phone, emails, etc.
Her written material about candida is the most informative I have been across. After reading it and spoken with her, I realized she is a real authority in this field. Read her background and you can elaborate your own conclusion.
I promise you, you can not be in better hands. She is very, very specialized in vaginitis even has created medical procedure linked to fungus test. She also knew Dr. Truss and know very well his thoughts about this syndrome. I have adviced her to many women with vaginitis and other candida cases and they have been very thankfully about it.
Having her as an adviser behind your case, will allow you to release some stress and concentrate in a treatment that will work. Don’t trust in my words, but give her a try. Later, you let me know your impression.
Good Luck,