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Well, there is hope! And feel better that you are not alone…

If you still have some unopened groceries, return them to the store! Otherwise, maybe consider eating the rest of what you have before starting the candida diet; it may be the last time in a long time that you will have these foods again.

The second thing I would do is take baby steps in understanding this monster. Take days one at a time and don’t get so overworked about the long road ahead.

One way to ease the learning process is to listen to some Dr. Mccoomb! His anti-candida plan should not be followed because it includes fruit; however the information he has is very important in understanding what this beast is in a few short hours.

I am also a picky eater, and there is yummy food you can eat! I too thought the hurdles would be too difficult, but now I am fairly healthy. Once you start to feel better, you will do anything it takes to slog onwards.

We’ve got some great recipes here in the recipe part of the forum, and there are other candida related recipes out there. Your naturopath will guide you along as you continue the journey; if there is any questions/concerns about your treatment plan, feel free to bring them up in the forum. For now, just prepare yourself mentally for the challenge ahead; you will (hopefully) feel better within a few months, maybe immediately.