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Hey, lillyflower 🙂 Well, no one on these boards can tell you for certain, but you do have quite a few symptoms associated with candida overgrowth. Your throat/tongue issues could possibly be thrush, which is just candida in your mouth. Docs can culture for this, and you’ll know for sure. *If* you have thrush, I’d say in combo w/ your other symptoms, you’re pretty likely to have candida issues. For me, thrush would be enough to get me on the diet seriously.

As for the allergies, did you know that it’s very common to actually **crave** the foods to which you’re allergic? It makes sense that your biggest allergies are the ones that are the most diffult for you to drop.

So, I’d get a culture done on your tongue/throat asap. If it’s thrush, I’d get on the diet ASAP. If not, I’d pursue the allergy thing for a little while and see how much avoiding your listed food helps and go from there.

Hope it helps!