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yisucks;47135 wrote: me! i had chronic vaginal yeast infections and now chronic bacterial vaginosis 🙁

What do you have now vaginal yeast or bacterial vaginosis ??

I have an idea to complement a systemic treatment with azoles. Let say you are taking Fluconazole or Itraconazole long term to treat it.

The weak part of these drugs is most candida species and strains develop resistance to them during treatment. Also, they are fungistatic that means they only inhibit the yeast growth.

Anyway, you may find a cure if you combine some of these azoles with Ibuprofen. The acquired resistance is reversible combining synergistic substances. However, the intrinsic resistance isn’t revertible, example candida krusei.

For instance, you may need only 3 o 4 weeks taking an azole combined with Ibuprofen to eliminate the infection. About the Ibuprofen doses, I don’t know what is the ideal dosage but probably 400 or 600 mg a day is enough.

Now, listen it. You can make your own Ibuprofen cream and combine it with Clotrimazole cream. The yeast should be susceptible to it when it could develop resistance to Clotrimazole.

Buy Advil liquid gel capsules or any other Ibuprofen brand but liquid gel capsules. Open the capsules and mix 3 or 4 drops with 1/2 teaspoon of Clotrimazole cream. You also can buy DMSO a substance that enhances skin penetration and is used as a vehicle to transport topical drugs deep in the skin. Add two drops to the mix. Orange Oil may be used as well.

Since candida penetrates deep in the vaginal tissues, this treatment will reactivate the created”resistant to the azole ” and you will be targeting the infection both way with an advanced effective treatment.

This is something I thought and you need to experiment yourself in order to see if it works for you or not. There isn’t documentation of it since it is my own idea. The treatment most be topical and systemic.