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Hi, thank you for your reply. I had/have been suffering from some kind of hormone imbalance characterized by not ever knowing when my period would show up and horrible PMT which would always result in binging. I started taking a supplement called Thym-Adren which worked amazingly and now I my cycle is back to normal and I don’t feel PMT symptoms. It was a supplement I was prescribed in 2008 along with a number of others when I suffered the same symptoms so it made sense to try it again. I don’t have PCOS but the Estrogen dominance may be a factor. My thyroid was low in 2008 also so it is a weakness in me, however the hair test I did this year didn’t show any signs. I’m not going to rule it out though because some of my symptoms would suggest it might be low such as hair loss around the hair line. I’m interested in the book you mention so will check it out and I will definitely be stricter with my carbs each day. Thank you!