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K5750s;29349 wrote: I have been entertaining the idea that I may have candida overgrowth for quite a while now. I’ve been having chronic vaginal yeast infections and athletes foot, a thin white coating on my tongue, depression, headaches, severe PMS and mood swings and ovarian cysts for the past year or two. I am very good at listening to my body and feel like a candida infection is a real possibility but my doctor doesn’t seem to think candida really exists. For a while I’ve been going back and fourth between believing my doctor and believing that I have candida, until last month when I threw out the notion that candida was possible and went on a dairy, sugar and carb binge, eating cheese, bread and chocolate and drinking milk every day. I felt great while I was eating all those things but a couple weeks later, upon my first day of ovulation I fell apart emotionally and physically. I got depressed again, had heavy PMS and mood swings, acne, headaches, had an ovarian cyst rupture and got a vaginal yeast infection. I now really think candida is my problem. Is there an explanation to why I felt really great while eating dairy, carbs and sugar? How likely do you think it is that all my symptoms are candida related? Is there any sort of self test I can do to confirm it or any telltale signs? Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated.


I am surprised that your Dr doesn’t believe candida really exist. What kind of Dr is that one??
There are thousands of medical papers and articles about all the fungus species.
Do you know what this syndrome is ??