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Bansaw;54470 wrote: Just a comment on a couple of things here.
I got a Vitamin D 25 Hydroxy blood test and my levels were seriously down, and I have a similar VDR mutation to you.
You might want to consider a Vitamin D test. My new [Methylation] doctor says antifunglas will also lower your vitamin D. It’s the first time I’ve heard that.
And low vitamin D is not good news on many levels.

Another thing I was wondering was about a “sulfur” test.
I took a heavy metals toxicity test, and (guess what) I was found to be high-ish on mercury and lead (and oddly, Tungsten).
But the weird thing was, when I was taking DMSA for the test, I was warned by a few people including the doctor that I might not feel good while taking it. I was braced for that. Funny thing was, I actually felt pretty good! I was very surprised.
Further reading seems to suggest that low-sulfur people tend to feel good during chelation. I am wondering how I find out if I am low or high sulfur,-what test is there?

Hi Bansaw,

I have tested my Vit D several times before and it was low. I have taking 10k iu of VitD daily. There is not much more I can do about it. Low Vit D levels of course aren’t good, but they are very common for leaky gut. Also, I had low Vit D levels before beginning diet changes and using anti-fungals. So your levels may have been low before starting anti-fungals.

I’m in the process of trying to locate a Methylation doctor that can help me. I also want to have the heavy metals test done.