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Hello, Lucy, your questions with answers are below.

Quote: *Self roasted pumpkin seeds – the kiddies carved a pumpkin yesterday so I gathered the seeds, rinsed them and roasted them with a little coconut oil & Himalayan Salt. I understand the worry with seeds is the mold so is this ok? I spotted on another thread about soaking nuts like cashews to rid them of any mold? If I soaked for a few hours then roasted as above would this be ok?”

Reply: Try the pumpkin seeds as you’ve described. With an item such as this, all you can do is test them; if you receive any type of reaction, discontinue them for at least 2 to 3 weeks. I would eat only a few as the first test, then after a few days of that amount and no reactions, you could add a few more. Keep them at a limited amount, as the more you eat the more chance you have of causing problems.

Quote: “I baked 2 coconut bread recipes yesterday (the one with loads of flaxseed and the one with just the coconut flour & eggs etc). I undercooked them which didn’t help but i’m really not enjoying them. Is there a recipe with buckwheat & flax that leaves out the coconut flour maybe as I think this is the part I’m not enjoying.”

Reply: You can add oat brand or rice brand flour, (Bob’s Organic Red Mill brand for both), or flax seeds or all three to the mixture and leave out the coconut flour completely if you want to.

Quote: “Wild fish – a neighbour of mine goes sea fishing and doesn’t eat fish (go figure?!). We’re on the Soutwest coast of Ireland which is know for being unpolluted and clear. He usually catches Mackeral, Pollock, Ling & Salmon. What do you think? Surely this is the real deal and fine to eat?”

Reply: I see no problem with having this ‘unpoluted’ fish a few times a week.