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In my case, a moderate amount of candida has been with me since I was a child. I have had chronic dandruff for more than 20 years, occasional ring worms, craving for sweet food, high blood pressure when I was over weight, headaches, etc.
Curiously, no intestinal problems ( I could eat anything )
Later, when I was around 43, I had my first dental work and the dentist placed an amalgam that never was well done and have to be re-fixed at least 4 times in year and half. My health when totally down because it also happened a period of severe stress, too much work in a polluted environment, lack of rest, excessive sex (almost every day) and a diet loaded of sugar (soda, ice cream, bread, junk food, etc )

The collapse went after an UT infection where I was prescribed antibiotics several times to complete 2 months on them.

You know the rest !!! I was left almost death. It was a mix of many things but the dental works and the antibiotics were the culprit.