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Hi Raster,

Thank you for your response. I can live with 6-18 months. I know some of the changes in my diet will be lifetime changes and there are some things I will never dare to eat again. I’m thinking my diet is okay (skim below) with a few questionable items you might be able to clarify. I am a little confused with the supplements and have made some recent changes (again, see below)

My daily breakfast consists of a smoothie made from unsweetened coconut milk, kefir, almond butter and goat yoghurt. Sometimes I’ll add a couple of strawberries or blueberries.
Lunch consists of a salad with peppers, cucumber, celery and a small amount of shredded carrot and an avocado. Dressing with olive oil, fresh garlic, freshly squeezed lime juice, salt and pepper.
Dinner is usually salmon, haddock, tuna, tofu, tempeh or a veggie burger with grilled vegetables. (I don’t eat beef, pork or chicken)

I keep my carb from grains down to 60 grams/day and stay away from white rice and wheat. I try to eat sauerkraut daily.

Snacks are mostly veggies with hummus, nuts, seeds, homemade candida friendly cookies, olives

My naturopath has allowed limited amounts of corn and dairy. I do have a cup of black tea with a little milk everyday, sometimes twice a day. I have had no reaction to any of these products. Sometimes dairy might give me a little gas at which point I stop eating it and then reintroduce in smaller amounts. She has also allowed 3 fruits a day and said one day a week I can have a cheat day and eat 300 grams of carbs of my choice – including beer! I love beer but think this is excessive and have NEVER subscribed to this suggestion and I would never eat 3 fruit in a day.

As for supplements for the first month I was on candacin. For the following 5 months I was on Candiclear 4. This is the point I was retested. I decided that my diet seemed okay although I was unsure about the supplements. So now I am taking Ultimate Flora 50 billion probiotic, a vitamin C, and alternating 2 weeks between Caprylic Acid, Oregano Oil and Grapefruit seed extract. I just started adding a tablespoon of coconut oil to my smoothie. The protocol says up to 15 teaspoons – that seems like a lot – do people just drink it? Also, the protocol says to only take anti-fungals until the 3rd month – should I be stopping now?

When I did the calculation, I guess I have actually been on the diet for 9 months now. The second testing done at 7. What do you know about testing and how accurate the results are. As I said earlier, I’m feeling great.