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Thanks Smitty ,
I know. I wondered about die-off and why I didn’t really experience anything serious. I questioned whether I was doing something wrong and never thought that the naturopath was doing something right.

I was reading the protocol you sent regarding antifungals and it mentioned:
“Remember that antifungals should only be used until the die-off has lessened to a large degree. This can be any time between 1 and 3 months in most cases. Then you should stop the antifungals (other than coconut oil and/or SF722) and concentrate on reestablishing the flora in the intestines with probiotics, kefir and plenty of good daily prebiotics (food for the bacteria).”

I just started alternating grapefruit extract, oil of oregano and caprylic acid (which after reading the protocol I’ll stop the grapefruit). But should I stop all except coconut oil since I’ve been on the diet more than 3 months?

That timeline helps me get an idea of how long of a journey I’m in for. You’re right though, its not an easy and I guess everyone gets discouraged at times. Thanks for the support.