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Candida is the hardest thing to get over as anybody on here will tell you. One little slip up can negate many many days of hard work. I’ve never heard of the candiclear and it’s never been mentioned here on the forum that I’ve seen personally. It’s contents aren’t on the list of preferred antifungals on this forum either. Not saying it’s no good but you may need to try something else as well.

You should read ables and rasters protocol, especially regarding the antifungals. Some of the antifungals you take need to be rotated every couple weeks because the candida adapt to the antifungal and no longer become effective.

For such high levels, you didn’t mention any die off you had which is good. Means your naturopath probably knows about that and was gentle with the protocol she put you on but that can also mean it may take a little longer

Generally for every year you’ve had candida, it will take 1 month for you to heal. So if you had it for 15 years. Estimate 15 months of healing.