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Hi NiuBlau,
Thank you for your reply and support.
The tests were food allergy tests where she sent blood samples to a lab. The first test tested several pages of different foods as well as candida. The second test I had was sent to a different lab because she said it was cheaper and because they would test only a few foods I showed sensitivity to in the first test and the candida rather then everything again. However, after looking at the websites of the labs last night I found the following information from the first lab that she used:

“After exposure ceases (i.e. Candida has been eradicated), the IgG antibody levels should begin to decline. However, the laboratory has no data to support the idea that repeat testing is useful for monitoring Candida
burden, therefore use of the IgG Candida blood spot to monitor declining Candida levels is not recommended.”

But you are absolutely right, I should be happy because I do feel so much better. Since I have been on the diet I have not had any colds or sinus infections, my memory has improved, no bowel problems at all, etc. Even when I do cheat a little I don’t pay for it whereas a few months ago I would feel the effects of cheating for the following 24 hours. However, just coming back from holidays, I do know that if I go off the diet for a few days some of the symptoms start to come back. The one symptom that has not completely disappeared is my sensitivity to scents. Maybe I need to rely less on tests and try to pay attention to my body….cheaper that way too.