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Considering that you’ve been suffering from Candida for about ten years (if I remember correctly), it’s going to take you longer than some others to come to a complete cure. Unfortunately, with a case like yours and of that length, we’ll probably just have to be more careful than with most diets and supplements. To show you the difference, many people including myself, took both the Grape Bitters and the Candida every day without a single negative symptom appearing, but as we know, everyone and every case is different.

I think it would be beneficial for you to raise the amount of probiotics at this point because it doesn’t sound as if your infestation has lessened by a great deal as yet, and the probiotics will be the cure to the infestation in the end, so the quicker we can get the count up, the sooner the end will come. I asked about the amount of capsules you have left as it seems feasible for you to move up to a higher count now. The 50 billion capsules would be good until you use them all.

The Molybdenum may be able to lessen the symptoms you’re having tonight. Hope you feel better by tomorrow.