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Digestive enzymes that are needed by human beings are broken down into four categories.

• Proteolytic Enzymes: split proteins to amino acids
• Lipolytic Enzymes: split fats to fatty acids and glycerol
• Amylolytic Enzymes: split carbohydrate and starch to simple sugars
• Nucleolytic Enzymes: split nucleic acids to nucleotides

When you take an enzyme supplement like Pro-Gest, you’re only obtaining the enzymes that are listed on the label, and in some cases these enzymes aren’t even natural to the human body. When you allow you body to make its own enzymes through the process of stimulation, you’re obtaining the enzymes that your body needs.

The other problem with taking an enzyme supplement is that it’s literally replacement enzyme therapy. If you stop the therapy, you stop the flow of enzymes. This is no way to teach your body to make its own enzymes. But when you use a substance that is capable of stimulating the body to make its own enzymes, it allows your body to do the work itself and not rely on another source. When you start replacing a substance that the body is capable of making on its own, this causes the body to become more and more dependant on the synthetic replacement.

There are no enzymes in digestive bitters, but when the bitters activate the vagus nerve on the back of the tongue it begins the production of pancreatic enzymes – among many other functions. When this bitter taste hits the back of the tongue it sets off a chain reaction of events that leads to a boost in general digestive function.

The simple stimulation of the bitter taste buds (vagus nerve) initiates the functions shown below:

Starts the production of a peptide hormone that stimulates secretion of gastric acid in the stomach.

Increases production of digestive enzymes from the pancreas, liver, and duodenum.

Starts a detoxification action of the liver.

Increases the flow of bile that’s important for fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K. This action also helps to maintain good cholesterol levels.

Has a regulatory effect on pancreatic hormonal secretions

Facilitates repair of the intestinal walls.

In addition bitters can cure or lessen bloating, flatulence, constipation, indigestion, nausea, and heartburn.