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I have had some ridiculous amounts of food intolerances. I tested for some through a Carroll test a few years ago, but with my leaky gut/candida issues, I was essentially intolerant to just about everything before I went on the strict diet. Literally, all I could eat without a reaction was eggs, small bits of rice, and a couple kinds of fruit and nuts. No legumes, gluten, corn, soy, dairy, nightshades, several kinds of vegetables, etc.

It’s not bad, and it isn’t on a schedule. It has improved slowly but surely over the last five months. I was previous unable to digest anything raw, and now I can take down salads like a champ! So I know that things are improving, I just am frustrated that they are inconsistent and I can’t pin down what triggers a good day vs a bad day. (But overall, all days are better than they were!)