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Hey Alex,
I can’t offer much advice, but I am in the same boat. I try to add some things in very small amounts some days, but the same thing can happen to me. One day I can seem to digest things fine. Then, another day, yes, just like you, rancid gas, constipation or diarrhea, things don’t digest, etc. My stomach is fine; it is just my intestines unless I eat a lot or whole bunch of fiber at one time.

Of course, I am trying to remember that sometimes I am probably experiencing symptoms of yeast trying to exit my body from anti-fungals, etc. I am only taking sf722 right now, and I cut back to 1-2 capsules a day again, since I have a very delicate system.

Like goingnatural mentioned, I take a digestive enzyme (similase sensitive stomach; has very small amount of enzymes; then mainly herbs like dgl, slippery elm, Gamma-Oryzanol. and mashmallow root. All of these herbs are great for leaky gut. Then, I supplement with hcl at meal times. Sometimes I even take a ginger capsule for extra help.

I did start taking an another supplement yesterday, a digestive bitter that raster’s naturopath wants me to take. I decided I still needed some help, so I am hoping that the naturopath can get me even better, especially since raster is doing so well today!

Just good luck, and if you find anything that works, let me know! On a side note: I have that problem, too. I tend to eat too fast, hurry, hurry state to sometimes. It is probably due to my healthcare experience and eating on the go for school in the past! I know when I am more relaxed and enjoy a meal things digest better.

Oh, one final note, besides l-glutamine (on really bad days-I have to take a lot!). I worry about taking that much l-glutamine, so I did try to start supplementing more with mt. capra colostrum during the day (goat milk-easier on digestion). It seems to help, too. I was getting bad die-off from regular colostrum that I tried in the past. I guess you can look into it. Good luck again!