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I did the strict diet and I lost 11 pounds in like two week and Im now 131 pound 31 year old male who is five foot 10. So I get why I need more carbs, it was my 5th visit with her and she said I’m too depleted by the diet. So she said add some carbs and sweet potatoes. My only symptoms now are bloating and mucous reflux. I haven’t hardly eaten any potatoes or rice anyway and I still bloat. After my surgery on my nose 10 weeks ago I ate hardly anything and bloated after eatin veggies. I have sibo and yeast so it’s a battle. My first holistic dr told me to just stay away from yeast. He said I can eat chocolate and stuff like that so i knew he wasn’t right. I’ll see how I feel soon, if I was overweight I’d have no problem eating just veggies. But my 4 percent body fat is already too low. That’s the problem in my situation. As long as I’m on the antifungals and probiotics I think I should be ok