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Jorge – I’m actually not very new at this, thanks. Been battling all of this for several years. Literally the only success I’ve seen (after 5 doctors and myriad treatments) is from following the diet and protocol from this site.

Also, I guess I just don’t understand the cheating thing. People CAN stick to something, if they want to, they just don’t. It’s not permanent, it’s 6-12 months of your life that will make the rest of your life much better to live. I just don’t understand why you would want to jeopardize your treatment and give yourself other symptoms over some food?? I mean if you want to cheat, whatever, it’s on you, but all the promotion lately of cheating is really frustrating because if you just stop cheating, the urge to cheat will go away by a very large percent. The reason y’all keep wanting to cheat is because you keep cheating. If I went out and ate a brownie and pizza and hummus and whatever I think I want, then I would just inevitably want more of them. Staying away from them completely makes it easy to stay away from them completely. I don’t feel deprived most of the time. I will just be happy to be able to eat out again because I miss being a part of things with my friends, but otherwise, it’s whatever. It just feels like if people gave the diet/protocol an actual chance (like more than a week or two), that they would see the difference it can actually make.

Yes, everyone’s body is different, but I feel like the diet and protocol are adaptable enough to anybody’s body and preferences. You just have to push through the first few weeks and try not to whine about missing your old lifestyle…it is probably what got you here in the first place. :p