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I can tell you how i did.
For something around 3 months ive eaten without wholemeal carbs like rice or pasta. I just took 60 gr home made wholemeal bread in morning with soy milk.
I’ve used beans and farro which is a very old variety of spelt and is poor in carbs. I don’t know if u can find in the US; here is an image of it:
You see it looks like rice but it’s not rice. You can find also the flour of farro which is poor in carbs. like 36gr of carbs per 100gr of flour.
After do faeces tests you should see if the infection decreased. Then you can gradually begin eat wholemeal food again but with moderation.
Hope this helps

not4sakn;53332 wrote: Thanks for the replies.

Where can I find information on the different phases?

Also are there strict example meal plans I could refer to that will still allow me to meet my calorie goals daily?

Aiming for 2k minimum but even that seems tough with so much eliminated.