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Well a lot of your food items should really be stage 3, or basically when you can safely control your infestation. You should be at stage 1 starting out…in the starvation phase! (starving the yeast not yourself)

For almond butter, I would only consume it if its raw almond butter (not roasted). I would only eat the nuts if you soak them in water first.

If you were to eat brown rice 1-2x per week, then this is generally low consumption and shouldn’t really do much harm. The problem is you’ll want to eat it every night eventually (from my experience) and it shouldn’t be one of those items you eat this much.

Same with tomatoes. If you eat a few slices on a sandwich or add a few cubes to your salad, no big deal. If you start eating tomato sauce on brown rice pasta 3 days per week…the yeast will feast!

Potatoes are maybe the worst out of all of these from my experience. I would save for only when eating out or special occasions.

For best results remove all of these from your diet for like 3-4 months and then start eating them, and the yeast will be largely starved out.