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Thanks for this Able.

I agree with everything you’ve said and I knew it at the time too which is probably why I cried when I ate my first ‘bad’ food. I was just so disappointed in myself that I was giving in to weakness. I think your observation is true that women tend to need more support than men. I would say that this was true of many situations not just going through the treatment of candida, men are from mars women are from Venus as they say. We do like to confide and discuss issues and unfortunately my personal circle are not able to provide that in this instance. I do take what you say though that I have a support community on the forum and that I should use it during my low moments.

Going through the treatment can leave me feeling emotional and I can have mood swings, sometimes in fairly rapid succession. That particular evening I had gone from feeling quite strong and proud of myself to really weak, weepy and dying to give into my food cravings on and off all evening which is when I finally cracked.

On the positive side of my epic fail, I have had full confirmation that candida is what is making me unwell. The evidence is too strong to deny. After a full day of being back on the diet and drinking lots of water, my bloating had disappeared and I feel ‘cleaner’.

Thanks for responding so quickly.

Right, onwards and upwards. I’m off to go and make more coconut bread. 🙂