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Days 7-9

ONLY eating fish, chicken, green veggies, turnips, water, green tea, sunflower butter, tahini, goat cheese.
7/10 Chlorella tablets, bentonite clay (soaked overnight). Sage enemas a few times a week. 1-4 tbs of coconut oil, 2 -3 caps of aloe+herbs, 8 drops do oregano oil, 2 moly’s, 2-3 caprylic acid tabs

Wow! Still full b,own flu-like symptoms even though upped molybdenum to twice a day. Low fever, runny nose, my face hurts like right before I get a sinus infection. I pulled out my trusty neti pot for the first time in months. Definitely have to get some Vit. C today or tomorrow. I feel like my system is flooded with bacteria…

Also increased coconut oil from 1-4 tbls. I have a love hate relationship w/ the oil. I’ve been cooking with it and taking 1 tbl. for 3 years. I love the taste but hate that I haven’t seen results…
Upped the oregano to 4 drops morning and night.

Spent many hours on the net reading through various Candida sites. There is a lot of conflicting info, which is disconcerting. If only the medical community would take their heads out of the sand and do more proper studies. I bet there’s an incentive NOT to investigate Candida overgrowth, since mysterious ailments = more money in their pockets.

I did find a study about the positive effects of green tea. Good. I enjoy it cold and have always felt that it helps purge
the body of toxins.

“Really interesting is green tea, which does contain caffeine but which is not a fast sugar the way it is in coffee. It gets even better: although even slow sugars are bad for you when not taken in moderation, there’s a substance in green tea which “eats” excess glucose in your blood. This way you get all the health benefits from caffeine without the glucose elevating properties of caffeine in coffee.”

Learn more:

More controversial is Reishi mushrooms. I know for a fact, that when I started taking these last year, I saw a stream of a white substance in my urine stream initially. Sadly, I continued to eat breads/sweets and sugars with abandon. The supplement is too expensive right now, in light of all the others I need, but will probably start this again in a few months.

“…mushrooms such as reishi, shiitake and maitake, all of which are non-destructive and healing fungi.”

Learn more:

I read someone’s blog and also read Amazon reviews about Solaray Yeast Cleanse. Sounds promising and is very inexpensive. The only drawback I can see is that, IF the yeast adapts to it, there are few alternatives left because the ingredients contains most of the antifungals.

The Pau D’arco tea seems to be really working. I’m drinking 2-4 cups daily. This really causes strong die-off symptoms. At least for me, when I can drink this without getting a reaction, I believe I will have gotten somewhere on this journey. I’ll also try nettles tea, ask recommended here.

I cut out the Estrovera, since it has malto-dextrin. I ended up taking 1 serving of the papaya tabs, even though It contains 1 gram of sugar, because I seem to be having trouble digesting chicken.

And that’s with baking it skinless with shredded ginger and coconut oil on top. My next move is to make a ginger soup with the chicken for easier digestion.

Tomorrow is day 10. I’ve heard that 10 days is the average for feeling like crap. I hope that will w the case for me because I have a busy week ahead. I made a huge pot of collard greens w/ loads of garlic. Maybe that will speed things up. Collards make you move your bowels…

Still doing the bentonite clay intermittently w/ oxy-mag. I’ve been doing the clay for years and I love it. I soak mine in water for 24-36 hours before drinking. Then I drink it an hour before I get out of bed, followed by a ton of water. I always have a good BM afterwards. The only problems I’ve had is when I don’t soak it first.

I did see a liquid version in a protocol on another site…”Whole something or other.” Their protocol involves the liquid plus, capryol (sp) and psyllium. I’m not a big fan of psyllium… I have to check whether people w/ leaky gut should take it. I’m healed from LG but don’t want to risk a relapse.