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Day 30 today.

Wow! It’s weird that today is the 30th day.

I feel like shit, literally. First off, my funds are super low so I ran out of my aloe and my YeastCleanse. I haven’t had the aloe in a few weeks and I can tell the difference. Luckily, I’m going to get some more aloe in a few moments.

Second, once I got on the bread kick, it was a double edged sword. In about 2-3 weeks, I’ve made at least 3-4 batches of buckwheat bread and 2 batches of coconut bread. Like a simpleton, I ate fewer veggies whenever I had the bread around. Ugg!

Third, exhausted of eating fowl and fish. I just feel incredibly stuffed up. And this is with a few enemas a week.

Fourth, I had to get back on my Estrovera (the support w/ the malto-dextrin). I try to take it with caprylic acid to kill any yeast that is lusting for the malto-dextrin… I also put myself on Shatavari. It’s supposed to be good for ulcers and hormones.

Fifth, today, I was really going crazy for sonething naughty. It was either gonna be some yam fries, a Naked Green zveggie juice (has fruit juice), or a gluten free cupcake sweetened w/agave. Turns out I bought a dark chocolate bar sweetened with stevia. It was yucky, but I ate half.

I have made the bold decision to do a liquid fast. I know the signs of needing to fast. Even though I’ve been eating massive amounts of cabbage, spinach, turnips… I just feel so totally gross.

My plan is to drink 5 teas: yarrow, nettles, peppermint, Pau D’arco, green tea, water and possible a cup of fresh almond milk a day (w/Stevia?). Step up the aloe, go to 12 chlorellas a day, continue w/ the caprylic, coconut oil, moly, Vit. C/D, & other supps mentioned earlier; and do the enemas.

My hypoglycemia symptoms have decreased so I’m hoping I can do this for a short while. I just need to empty out…