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Days 4-6:

ONLY eating fish, chicken, green veggies, turnips, water, green tea, sunflower butter, tahini, goat cheese. 7/10 Chlorella tablets, bentonite clay (soaked overnight), estrovera, hormonal oil. Sage enemas a few times a week. 1 tbs of coconut oil, 2 caps of Aloe+herbs,

Got molybdenum., oregano oil and caprylic acid on day 4. They helped A LOT! Was able to do errands and function better.
Serious sore throat and sinus drainage. I used a throat spray and that helped. I wonder about the spray, though, since it has glycerin. I also took 1 propolis and 1 rice based Bcomplex capsule. Is there sugar in any of those? What about the papaya pills I’m taking for pancreas support?

Also got Pau D’arco tea yesterday and drank 2 cups. Queasy stomach and some constipation. Not sure if from tea or smaller quantity of veggies or what…