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LESNYC;32646 wrote: I also took 1 propolis and 1 rice based Bcomplex capsule. Is there sugar in any of those? What about the papaya pills I’m taking for pancreas support?

Check the labels; if a supplement contains sugar, it should be stated on the label. I wouldn’t take that B complex
for very long, the imbalance of B vitamin amounts that these pills usually have can cause deficiencies.

Also got Pau D’arco tea yesterday and drank 2 cups. Queasy stomach and some constipation. Not sure if from tea or smaller quantity of veggies or what…

Stop taking the bentonite clay as it can cause constipation in a lot of people, and once it starts, it’ll only get worse.

Since you’re taking Molybdenum, you should be drinking Nettle Leaf Tea.

You may benefit from reading The Protocol that the forum uses.