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If you pour over my story again, I added in oat bran and pumpkin muffins 3 months into the diet more or less. But the diet I was doing for those 3 months wasn’t very strict and so its hard to really call it a candida diet. In other words, I would say that I used them at the beginning.

Also worth noting about oat bran, it does contain gluten. Bob’s red mill does make a gluten free oat bran too, which is likely more safe starting out (not organic though). I didn’t really have much of a problem with gluten but I do notice I feel better without it.

Cream of buckwheat is a safer alternative imo and it tastes almost as good.

Someday I will post my wife’s buckwheat muffin recipe, but the cream of buckwheat can be used for baking too with coconut flour and almond meal…

You need to eat a lot more with this diet vs. regular diet and so thats why I recommend not going so strict. Its nearly impossible to starve the yeast, it will simply adapt and find new food sources. If you starve it too much, it will feast on your body and your body will use its reserves to fight it at the same time.

Check out bone broth soups too for healing leaky gut.