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trlevi;59983 wrote: moonfish’s question as to whether anyone here has beaten this thing is a good one, yet it goes unanswered. I see a lot of advice given here, which is really nice, and very generous, but I have to question its validity. On all these websites nobody seems to have beaten this thing despite very long periods of trying. Is is it something that CAN be beaten or can we only hope to minimize it? To make matters worse, all the books, plans, diets, etc. are different and often contradict each other. This shit is driving me crazy.

I did the Ultimate Candida Diet, and I felt better. Not great, but better. I think it worked because my immune system, white blood cell count in particular, improved drascitally. Despite that I am almost positve I continue to have this annoying, life-altering condition.

I am currently contemplating doing a diet again. I’ve recently read Ann Borsch’s book. The diet seems very doable, but there are many questionable components. Also, her suggestions for supplements, many of which are her brand, are very costly. In short, like all the diets, I question its effectivity. I could do the Ultimate Candida diet again with a better follow up plan, as her plan is very vague. I am very frustrated to say the least, as I am sure many of you are.

To make matters more difficult, I recently traveled to Spain where I will be studying in master’s program for a year, which I am sure won’t help my condition. But, I can’t stop living, right?

Well most of the people who have cured themselves don’t come back and don’t want to spend their time on it. I’ve gotten to the point where candida is no longer my major problem and I can cheat on the diet regularly. For instance last night I got a pizza with all of the toppings and I don’t think many people on here eat pizza with no reactions very often.