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Vinci wrote: I haven’t had any meat for the last couple of days and starting to feel normal again. There is so much conflicting information on the internet that I really don’t know what to believe. I’d usually say trust my instinct, but if I did I’d be eating a bacon sandwich right now :).

Thanks for the info about meat protein and ammonia. After eating it I soon felt tired and the next day, like hell. Would it really have an effect so quickly? Should I be reducing my protein intake as much as possible? and where should I be getting my protein from? I’d rather not eat any meat or fish at all (I don’t feel positive afterwards), but I’m underweight and get cold very easily.

Also, can you guys testify to that diet (in the link) – Have you done it yourself and did it cure you?

Thanks for your help here

At the beginning of the treatment you rely mostly on eggs for protein. Also, once you are able to take kefir (strongly suggest home made) and yoghurt, there is protein there. If you eat meat (which is suggested not more two to three times per week initially), choose organic chicken and young fish which is not contaminated much with toxins such as mercury. Sardines, herring or salmon are good choices for fish. Search the forum, Able posted a list of fish and mercury levels somewhere, that could give you more choices. Later when you are able to test some grains, such as millet or buckwheat, this will offer some protein as well.

Hope this helps.