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bacflip4;45809 wrote: looking for the experts advice. I’ve been doing the regular candida diet for a week now along with antifungals (the weaker -olive leaf extract right now). I had some nausea the first couple days that went away but, I’ve had soft stool ever since that has gotten slightly better. I am now seeing that I should be taking a die-off remedie. I just had blood work 2 days ago that showed my ALT and AST liver enzymes elevated. I thought this was from the diflucan I was on the last couple months but, they said no b/c they were normal when I was on it more frequently so they wouldn’t go up now that I’m not taking it often. Now I’m worried. Why are these elevated? Could it be from die-off or coulsd I have something else wrong with me? Should I go find some die-off remedie to take and see if it helps it go down? Would any of these be appropriate?|Molybdenum%20-_-n|

The first brand in your link, Health Yourself, is the one I took throughout my treatment and it worked fine. You should also be taking Milk Thistle to protect your liver as explained in the post. Please read the post again so that you’ll know which type of Milk Thistle to purchase and how much to take.