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One thing to keep in mind with garlic is that it is also anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic so its not going to affect just the candida.

I wouldn’t worry about a small amount of lactose when compared to the tomato. The tomato contains about 8g of sugar per average tomato and this is a greater concern than the lactose. Keep in mind that the yogurt’s probiotics should outweigh any lactose issues unless you are allergic to dairy and/or are lactos intolerant.

I wouldn’t go in with the mindset of feeding the candida and killing it because its going to feed on whatever you eat no matter what you do as far as a diet. It just feeds on certain foods less than others.

We developed a general plan to get better, if you are interested in this plan and/or a foods list that most forum members use, email able900.

The goal should not be to kill the candida as much as possible but to change the environment within the gut for it to not thrive. In other words you should focus on the beneficial gut flora and getting this healthy not focus only on candida.