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raster;47282 wrote: Hello Tony,

All antifungals promote digestion so if you take antifungals it’ll cause you go to the bathroom basically.

After consuming probiotics, you can feel a variety of symptoms so its hard to say whether its die-off or not.

The rash could be toxins being released from the body which are detoxed via the skin. Sometimes I get rashes from wanking it personally if I do it too much or hard, so it could be that but it doesn’t sound like it.

I wouldn’t worry about the lactose. Additionally I wouldn’t worry about your carb intake because you need carbs for energy and your general health.


Thanks, anyway so if I continue to bomb the heck out of the candida with antifungals and take probiotics, I should have no trouble removing the candida with my current carb intake? I can continue to eat my few carbs of vegetables and the lactose from plain natural yogurt? I thought of like a strategy, I don’t know if this is stupid or if it would work but I am very dedicated to removing the candida overdose and bad breath is the least of my concerns, I plan to take 4 cloves garlic on wakeup and 4 cloves garlic before bed, raw with water. I eat a tomato and maybe a few bites of meat, then after a minute drink 4 cloves raw garlic with water. I thought maybe the candida will activate to try to feed on the sugar of the tomato and then be killed by the high dose of garlic? Do you think this will work, or do I need other pill/bought antifungals etc? I read that in high enough doses garlic straight up KILLS candida.