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It’s so hard to tell!! I think that everyone is different and everyone has a different set of symptoms for each thing…for me, here’s how it (generally) goes:

Leaky gut/intolerance reaction: Instant fatigue, brain fog, feelings of terribleness (I call this “Stage One”…my key word meaning I will be on the couch curled into a ball, miserable, and whining, or passed out somewhere for a couple of hours until it passes.)

Candida: Itchy butt, smell of vinegar in my nose, itchy butt crack, itchy toes, twitchy toes, grumpiness, irrational anxiety

Die-off/detox: Grumpiness and irritability (definitely #1), headaches, constipation, fatigue (but not the same as the leaky gut…it lasts longer but isn’t quite as acute)

Basically, I would say just make sure you’re taking a ton of vitamin C (like 3-4k a day), molybdenum amino acid chelate, and milk thistle. Give it a little while (like several weeks) for everything to even out, and if you feel really awful, ease up on the antifungals and then slowly get back on them.