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I had severe die off for about 2-6 weeks. Afterwards it lessened more and more and eventually it wasn’t a problem. However, occasionally after taking some antifungals or eating something, I will get a die-off symptom such as a heart palpitation, tremors, muscle twitches, headaches, etc. It happens very rarely, maybe like once a month or so at this point in my treatment (almost a year now).

But, am I debilitated like I was at month 1? No I am not and I hope I never have to experience that again.

As far as fatigue…this is something that takes a long time to recover from because your body is so taxed from healing and fighting candida. I personally have finally not feel fatigued after 10 months on the diet where I feel pretty normal. What I noticed is that once I started to get better quality and length of sleep, the fatigue lessened quite a bit.