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boganmobile wrote: I can have meat and potatoes and so on. There is no reference to starch or carbs or anything like that. The focus of the diet is sugar: avoiding it.

I imagine that, since you’re paying this doctor, part of the money would be for her knowledge and her ability to answer your questions concerning her treatment.

I would have to ask if she’s aware of which foods are considered starches; and if so, I’d ask if she’s aware of the substance that starch is changed into during its digestion in the intestines, then I’d ask her if she knows what glucose is.

Potatoes = starch = glucose = sugar = A feast for the Candida.

I’d also ask her what the connection is between meat, ammonia, and Candida.

A Candida diet is really all about common sense mixed with a little knowledge of the human body and Candida and a few facts about the foods most people eat every day.