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raster wrote: Thomas, check your yogurt to determine how much sugar is in it per serving. Greek yogurt has the lowest amount at 7-11g per serving. Regular yogurt has something like 20+g of sugar per serving. Thats why we recommend greek yogurt.

If you check your citron water, see what the ingredients are. If any sugar is mentioned, I would avoid it.

Great ways to cure leaky gut include the bitters; supposedly spanish bitters are one of the most effective and strong versions of biters. I would also eat plenty of rice and oat bran, this can heal the leaky gut as well. If you buy some inulin, you can add this to the breads/yogurt/anything which will also heal your gut. At our vitamin store here, the inulin is called miracle fiber.

I also take a homeopathic to heal the leaky gut but don’t want to promote homeopathics as a remedy.


Hello Raster,
thanks a lot for your help, I was a bit astonished about the rice, the oats and the inulin? Is not rice a no no for us? Well, I found a critical article about inulin.
I will not take any sides but we have to check everything and keep the best. What do you think about this article?

The bad properties of inulin:

Manufacturers claim that inulin/FOS specifically feeds only good bacteria. Unfortunately, this isn’t reality. A good example is Klebsiella. Recent studies have shown that inulin/FOS encourages the growth of Klebsiella, a bacteria implicated in Ankylosing Spondylitis and in increased intestinal permeability (leaky gut). Although present in the colon of most people, it is held in check by beneficial bacteria and is harmless WITHIN the colon. Once it gets to other areas of the body, Klebsiella becomes a major cause of infection (and sometimes death), causing serious infections in the urinary tract, pneumonia and in wounds. Inulin/FOS may indeed promote the growth of lactobacillus bacteria, but what other potentially harmful bacteria are being fed at the same time? Furthermore, many different species of yeast are able to utilize inulin/FOS for energy including Candida Albicans. (highlighted by thomas)

the entire article is coming from here:

I am going to check the yoghurt and the kefir but as I remember they are natural and very low on sugar.