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Hello, Thomas and Sunshine. Your questions and comments are addressed below.

Question: Speaking of apple, is apple pectin an ingredient that is okay on anti-candida diet?

Reply: According to research studies apple pectin acts as a natural treatment for Candida albicans. It does this because it’s a natural prebiotic meaning it feeds the flora in the digestive tract, increasing the population of beneficial bacteria.

Question: Is it better to start eating rice bran and oat bran, or to just continue avoiding pretty much all grains? In the course of my treatment, I’ve eaten a very small amount of rice twice, and tried gluten-free Irish oatmeal but only had a couple of bites. I eat lots of nuts, seeds and beans, so that’s where I get most of my carbs.

Reply: Adding one of these at a time sometime after the initial cleans and starting the diet would be beneficial to the flora because just like the apple pectin, these are prebiotics which feed the flora.

Question: You said yucca root contains a good intestinal anti-inflammatory agent – what do you do with yucca? I know I’ve seen it in the produce section. Does it need to be cooked?

Reply: Taking the yucca herb directly by the concentration in capsules would be easier. You can purchase these at vitamin stores as well as online.

Quote (Sunshine): I make a lot of curries and other dishes that use turmeric and other spices (trying not too make them too spicy hot though). In fact, I ate a very mild curry last night and leftovers today, but the turmeric, garlic, ginger, etc. certainly didn’t help with the inflammation I’ve been having, if that’s what this is.

Reply: Curing the inflammation which was caused by the Candida infestation will come slowing as you progress with the treatment. As you heal the infestation, you’ll be healing the inflammation at the same time.

Question: I’ve heard good things about Ashwagandha. I know it’s used in Ayurvedic medicine to support adrenals and also for energy and stress. I think I’ll try some. Have you ever taken it? Is is best to take whole plan/leaves/roots?

Reply: This is another herb that you can take easily in a capsule form, of course powders of just about any herb are also a good choice, that is if you can find a good quality.
I’ve taken this herb for approximately eight years as a general stress-reducer. I would say, of all the herbs I’ve studied and experimented with, this is my favorite and most useful by far. According to many research papers, it contains a high quality of anti-stress adaptogenic activities.

Question: My ginger tea has licorice root in it, and black pepper which I think is another anti-inflammatory (it also has lemongrass and peppermint — yummy!). Is this something I should drink more often (right now I mostly drink one cup five times a week (at work).

Reply: Drink whatever amount you wish to; again, these products are not going to actually cure the inflammation until the infestation is close to a cure, but they may help to alleviate some of the symptoms of inflammation. Always be sure to use organic teas as they are more likely to be mold-free.

Question: Should a person with a leaky gut not be allergic to all that comes through the intestines?

Reply: Not necessarily. This really depends on how long a person has had the Leaky Gut Syndrome and to what degree. Of course, the longer the syndrome goes on, the more likely a person is to contract additional allergies.

Question: Here in Sweden I have problems to get real good and strong probiotics and was eating now for two days kefir and ecologist Turkish yoghurt. Strangely I got symptoms back I didn’t have for a long time when I stopped eating milk-products.

Reply: You can make your own yogurt with goat’s milk or coconut milk if you can get a good non-sweetened organic yogurt as a starter or even a starter kit for yogurt. I just posted the directions for doing this.

Question: I am doing something good for my stomach but get an allergic reaction. How can I get out of the loop of problems? Drinking the citron water, I feel its doing me good in one area and messing me up in another. I have much less mucus but I get itchy eyes and a terrible itch anus reaction.

Reply: I don’t know from where the citrons originate when purchased in Sweden, but I know that Korean citrons have a higher sugar content. If the citrons are creating itchiness, then it’s probably feeding the Candida at least to a small degree. I think I would avoid these for a while if you can manage without it.

Question: I believe I have to heal the leaky gut quickly so I am able too to drink kefir and use citrone to clean my system.

Reply: Kefir and yogurt both can be made from goat’s milk or unsweetened coconut milk. You may want to consider one of these for making your yogurt and kefir.

Question: Do you have any tips and pointers how I can battle on two fronts successfully? How to heal the gut quickly?

Reply: If you’re not taking a form of bitter herbs, preferably alcohol-free Grape Bitters or Swedish Bitters, these will help heal the syndrome. As I stated before, as you heal the infestation, the leaky gut will also heal. The best remedy for both will be a strong probiotic, whether obtained from kefir and yogurt or a probiotic capsule, or all three. Healing from the damage that a Candida albicans infestation causes doesn’t normally occur in few weeks or even months as damaged intestines simply take time to heal, but know that you are healing as you remain on the diet and take the necessary supplements, this can’t be denied if you are following the protocol outlined and not wandering from it at all.

Please let us know if you have other questions.