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Yes Ralph I think you are getting die-off. In order to prevent die-off you should protect your liver and kidneys from the die-off toxins. If you do not do this, your kidneys and liver may become damaged and you will have to heal these seperately at a later time.

Also, if you are not doing the candida diet, then you are feeding the yeast and killing it daily, and this isn’t a good thing and will lead to more problems down the road.

If you want to convince yourself that you have a gut flora imbalance, all you need to do is take an antifungal such as 2 cloves of garlic and see how bad you feel. A normal person shouldn’t feel bad after taking some garlic. A different antifungal might be a better one to test with because garlic is anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial.

We all have parasites and we all have candida…we just have them at different levels.

Your doctor knows you have a yeast problem because he prescribed diflucan.