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oh wow so youve been working that much thru die off and all damn boy u strong !i cut my hrs back cuz i just couldnt handle it and now that im back on diet and protocal i am very ill major fatigue/nausea everyday ofcourse untop of other symptoms .thats cool u get to try sf722 im waiting on it to be available myself .

is olive leaf strong for u as antifungal ? ive been using this in my water with a lil stevia i like the way it tastes but heard its weak .i think it could be die off but youve been on diet for a longer time so u should kinda be done with die off in a way ? maybe the combo of both antifungals .im hoping die off ends for me after a month on this i dont think i can take much more .

yeah i agree theres no sense in stressing over this i guess im just worried ill fuck up since im not a good employee lately lol ,this place is strict but pays me like 4$ more an hr so i really wana work there my friend referred me but i been frontin on going there .

goodluck with school !