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kritter0622;30527 wrote: I have been following the candida diet for 6 weeks and I have been seeing a naturopath and taking supplements he has prescribed. I did not experience any die off symptoms during the first few weeks of my diet, although now I am feeling some of the symptoms such as headache, stomach cramping, skin irritations and itchiness, headache and sore muscles. My previous candida symptoms are almost gone, but now I have these new symptoms. I have been very strict on the candida diet and I have lost 15 pounds in 6 weeks as well. Has anyone else experienced die off this late in the diet???

Yes, die-off can last for many months, especially if you eat any foods that feed the Candida.
Which diet are you on, the one on the website or one that the doctor gave you? Also, what are the supplements he has you taking?