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Hope wrote: Able, what does you probiotic regimine look like on an average day at this point?

Hello, Hope.

Before I answer your question, just a little reminder, you didn’t tell us the result of the culture test Friday. Of course, if you’d rather not discuss it, we understand.

I read over my last post and the other ones as well, and I just want to say that I understand that super bad die-off is anything but easy on the body, and a lot of bad episodes close together would definitely be really hard on the human body, especially the organs you named, Hope. However, that said; I’ll also say that Allie’s situation is a lot like mine was – just different reasons. Allie says she is going to be starting college in about two months, and hopes to have the worst of this behind her by then. And that’s very much the way I felt. I wanted the whole damn thing behind me more than I can say. I found it nothing less than disgusting to think about my body being infested with anything, let alone something as dreadful as Candida, and for the first time, I no longer felt like I was a healthy person, and I really hated thinking like that. So that’s pretty much why I wanted to jump start the whole thing as much as possible, just the way Allie wants to.

I honestly think that the heavy antifungal regimen along with the high probiotic intake is what helped me to get it all behind me as quickly as I did. Would I do it all the same way again? I couldn’t say for certain not being in that position, but my bet is yes I would, exactly. Hopefully Allie will purchase the two products I mentioned to limit the die-off symptoms, drink loads of water and the Nettle Tea, plus she isn’t going to school yet so hopefully she will be able to just stop and rest her mind and body during the worst times, which hopefully isn’t that long. And if it is, she can always ease off a bit to a milder form of die-off. Ok, that’s all I wanted to add to that subject.

As far as what my present probiotic regimen looks like right now; I’m still taking 160 billion cultures a day, 14 strains. To some people that may sound unreasonable, but the research I’ve done is what led me to that amount, and I am NOT suggesting that everyone do this. In addition of course I use a lot of natural prebiotic/probiotics; the oat bran, at least two avocados a day, chicory coffee as well as the root, I’ve started eating sauerkraut once a day, organic Greek yogurt 2 to 3 times a day, plenty of onions (onions contain FOS), the herbs Hawthorn berries, yucca root, and burdock, and I still take garlic capsules occasionally which, in addition to garlic being a good antifungal, it also contain FOS.

Right now, along with a friend, I’m working on a medley of herbs mixture that
hopefully will be strong enough to feed the flora that I’ve built to the point of keeping the entire community flourishing. At that point, I will lower the amount of probiotics I’m taking. Even though the Internet is full of claims stating that you cannot take too many probiotics, I don’t believe it for a second. I’ve also read of the symptoms that some people have experienced by taking excessive amounts for long periods of time, and I don’t plan on doing that.

Oh yeah, just a bit of fun trivia; Hope, did you know that Skinny Cow Ice Cream is a prebiotic-fortified food? I ran across that while doing some research a while back. What’d you say? … no, I do not eat Skinny Cow. lol

Have yourself a perfect week.