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Thank you for your responses. It’s a struggle for all of us & each body reacts differently so it’s good to have this forum to air our frustrations with this trying fungus among us

I’ve been working on this for 6 months – started changing my diet in Dec, did the cleanse in Jan then found this forum that literally saved my ass. I’ve been following the strict diet & protocol w/o fail for over 1 month. Prior to that I struggled with sticking to the diet on weekends but kept up best I could. No caffeine is the hardest for me – I love my tea with cream or a good strong oolong tea.

I had awful die off during the cleanse then took molybdenum & Vit C which helped tremendously ! I’m surprised that I’m still having a few symptoms now since it’s been a while.

I switched to taking HMF & a probiotic that has Yacon Root & Burdock root so maybe that’s what’s causing it.

This is the probiotic I’m taking

Thank you for your input
Good luck !!