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my mistake was, like hopefrbest wrote…

I was really trying to heal ASAP, so I did not do like its suggested, slowly increasing of the antifungals. Each time bad die-off would happen I would loose some trust in protocol, get some depression, could not work/live normally etc…

two months ago I started with 1 tsp of VCO daily for three days. No die off!
Then I increased it on 2 tsp a day for another three days(First day some die-off, second and third no die-off)
then I increased it to 3 tsp a day for another three days, and reaction was like above on 2tsp…

and so on, until I got to the stage I could eat 10tsp, along with 2-3 garlic caps a day… and I had some die-off several times a day since my servings were 3-4 tsp of VCO 2-3 times a day, so after each serving I would get some die-off… then I decided to reduce it, since I want to live normally, and the healing with lots of die off is no-good since it means your body cannot clear out toxins and your liver and kidneys are suffering badly!

I think everybody who is experiencing die-off should immediately stop/reduce antifungals.

What helps me with die-of? Well, vitamin C (3-4 grams a day) + lemon juice and nettle leaf tea are my friends 🙂
Besides that, I’ve also used moly and milk thistle, but not too much really. 450 mcg of moly and 3 caps of milk thistle daily!

hope this will help you