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Hi Sarah,

I believe I too, am experiencing Die-off. I’m on Day 7 now and have headaches, but they are not at all like the sinus pressure ones I was experiencing before. So I can only assume it’s a die-off headache.

I also have itchy skin, which I am told the “dry-brushing” will help. I just need to find the time to do it, as my morning routine is already filled with all these added rituals due to the Candida diet.

Also experiencing tingling limbs that either easily fall asleep and have sensitivity to hot and cold. And, oh yeah, the achy joints I was forewarned about. But yoga & Thai massage seem to help.

The last new symptom, and my least favourite, is the light headed-ness. It’s not debilitating, or making me a danger on the road, but it certainly makes life “interesting” at the moment.

Other than that, I really do feel great! People are already noticing and telling me how great I look, so I’m gonna hang in there. I hope you do too. 😀