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eskimo_pup;46213 wrote:

EP, apparently the only way you’re going to cut down on the toxins causing your problem is to cut down on the amount of S. boulardii. How many billions a day are you taking?


Thanks Able,

I am only taking a half dose of what i read was recommended as i wanted to build it up gradually, i take one tablet a day which is 250mg or 4.5 billion strength.

I also drink about 2-4 large glasses kefir a day [about a litre and i like mine really sour], 200g of kasha/roasted buckwheat a day, about 5-10 pure buckwheat crackers a day and the occasional portion pure buckwheat noodles maybe once every two weeks.

I can feel the effects of the kefir and prebiotics but if i cut down i’ll have a very sparse diet.

I’m also taking 1 probiotic tablet of megafood megaflora which i cut down from 2 in anticipation of die-off from boulardii.

I’m also starting to feel groggy and fuzzy in the head but can’t find a supplier in the uk or on i-herb for candidate as recommended for headaches. Burning muscle pain is also back but this is a constant symptom when experiencing die-off for me.

I get in a sauna about 2-3 times a week.

Would appreciate your thoughts.

I’m not an expert like able or raster but to me that seems like a HUGE amount of probiotics you are taking daily. You do realize probiotics can cause severe die off as well depending upon where you are in your treatment? It is good to take the milk thistle and molybdenum to lessen die off but that is more to guarantee no permanent damage to vital organs and make die off manageable.

It’s not intended to fix every single die off symptom and allow you to overwhelm yourself with antifungals and probiotics. A fire extinguisher can definitely put out a large camp fire but if you make a fire that engulfs a house, it’s unfortunately not going to work as well. I would start scaling back on the probiotics. You are taking 3 different probiotics right now and at a pretty large amount of each.

Also since your rashes are probably fungal rashes, I found relief from putting virgin coconut oil on my rashes which were huge in size. One covered my whole stomach and the other covered 50 percent of my left leg. It made a big difference for me. Drink lots nad lots of water if you aren’t already.